saucebox signatures

coco dojo
silver rum, coconut cream, citrus and pineapple juices. served in a whole coconut 8

the “best” drink
gin, muddled mint, ice and lemon-lime, topped with cock n’ bull ginger brew 9

saucebox martini
house-infused lemongrass gin, lemoncello served up with a twist 8

perfect pear
clear creek pear brandy, citrus vodka, citrus juice served up with a sugared rim 9

poolside with david hasselhoff
house-infused watermelon vodka, house made
cucumber purée, citrus juice, cranberry, sugar rim. 8

jade scorpion
house-infused thai chili vodka, house-infused ginger vodka, thai basil, grapefruit, citrus, finished with ginger brew 8

house-infused thai chili vodka, citrus juices
and passionfruit, topped with raspberry
– a real knockout! 8

tiki cocktails

the halekulani mai tai
a blend of premium bacardi rums over crushed ice with lemon, orange juice, orgeat.a waikiki classic 9

mai tai me up
silver rum, citrus and pineapple juices, orgeat, and a splash of grenadine 8

pink chi chi
house-infused watermelon vodka, coconut cream, citrus and pineapple juices, cranberry 8

monkey business
rum, muddled banana, passionfruit and citrus juices 9

saucebox volcano
a festive cocktail for two people: 151, bacardi light and dark rums, brandy, orgeat, citrus and pineapple juices, passionfruit, don’s mix 18

light and dark rums, passionfruit, pineapple juice, citrus juice, don’s mix served in a tiki glass 12

west indies punch
bacardi 8, muddled banana, pineapple juice,
citrus juices orgeat 9


tequila cocktails

saucebox margarita
hornitos tequila, harlequin and lemon-lime 8.5

cucumber margarita
sauza blanca tequila, muddled cucumber and lime 8

sauza blanca tequila, cassis, orange juice and ginger brew 8

patron gimlet
patron silver, muddled lime, lemon-lime, shaken and served up 12

felicia’s tijuana speedball
sauza blanco tequila, bailey’s, godiva dark, godiva white, kahlua and coffee 9


brandy/liqueur cocktails

brandy and citrus juices, served up with a sugar rim 8

japanese cocktail
pisco, orgeat, lime and bitters 8

perry mason
clear creek pear brandy, lime juice,
topped with reisling 10


sparkling wine cocktails

saucebox cocktail
clear creek pear brandy with champagne 12

get lucky
calvados brandy, solerno blood orange, champagne 12


sake cocktails

bonsai martini
vodka, momokawa silver sake stirred and served up 8

silver caipirinha
momokawa silver sake, muddled lime and sugar 8

the infanta
momokawa silver sake, vodka, pomegranate 8


whiskey cocktails

the han dynasty
house-infused black tea old forester, bitters with orange blossom syrup and a bordeaux cherry 9

lion’s tail
knob creek smoked maple, st. elizabeth allspice dram, citrus juice served up 12

maker’s mark sour
maker’s mark, muddled lemon
and bordeaux cherries 8

the silk road
bergamot black tea infused old forester, campari, sweet vermouth 9

makers mark, mekhong thai spirit, maraschino liqueur served up 9

old overholt rye, peychauds bitters, sugar
and a splash of st. george absinthe 9

ruby manhattan
corner creek, peychaud bitters and sweet vermouth,
with a touch of porto kopke 10

saigon cowboy
house-infused thai chili jim beam honey whiskey, citrus juice, pineapple finished with pomegranate 8

thai boyfriend
whiskey and house-infused kaffir lime gin make a great pair when topped with fresh citrus juice and cock ‘n bull ginger brew 8


gin cocktails

lilikoi sour
house-infused kaffir lime gin, passionfruit, lemon-lime and
grapefruit juice 8

lemongrass negroni
house-infused lemongrass gin, campari, and sweet
vermouth 8

gin, sloe gin and cherry heering with lemon-lime and soda
– makes you talk slow 8

the shiso “best” drink
gin muddled shiso, citrus juice,
topped with cock n’ bull ginger brew 8

downtown girl
house-infused kaffir lime gin, pomegranate juice,
grapefruit juice and a splash of sparkling wine 8

alaskan cocktail
bombay sapphire east, green chartreuse and a dash of
orange bitters 9

mile high martini
aviation gin and caravella orangecello
served up 9

kaffir lime martini
house-infused kaffir lime gin, served up


vodka cocktails

ginger cosmo
house-infused ginger vodka, citrus juice, triple sec
and cranberry juice 8

ocean pacific
house-infused ginger vodka, passionfruit
and citrus juices 7

vodka, lychee and a splash of grapefruit juice 8

house-infused watermelon vodka, citrus juice,
cranberry juice, topped with sbx bubbles 8

orange vodka and citrus juices, topped
with champagne 8

house-infused ginger vodka, momokawa sake,
orange juice, lime, cock n’ bull ginger brew 8

wu-tang cucumber
house-infused ginger vodka, house made cucumber
purée, citrus juice, finished with ginger brew 8

shiso lovely
vodka, muddled shiso leaves, mango, lychee and citrus juice. served up 9

thai basil gimlet
vodka, house made thai basil syrup, citrus juice,
served up 8

green dragon
a tart blend of house-infused cucumber vodka, cranberry vodka and lemon-lime, served up 8

lady snowblood
orange vodka, citrus juices and blood orange purée, sugar rim 9

hot and dirty
house-infused thai chile vodka, served up and dirty 8

love drop
vodka, raspberry purée, citrus and cranberry juices,
sugar rim 8

orange vodka, mango purée, citrus juices and a splash of soda 8

pimm’s martini
house-infused cucumber vodka and a splash of british pimm’s cup 8

4 o’clock in bangkok
grey goose le poire, muddled thai chiles, citrus juice. served up 8


rum cocktails

coco colada
silver rum, coconut cream, citrus and pineapple juices. served in a whole coconut 12

“pom” beach
silver rum, coconut cream, pomegranate juice, citrus juice and a splash of soda. 8

mt. gay extra old dark rum, averna, aztec chocolate bitters 12

the ankle breaker
overproof rum, cherry heering, citrus juice, crushed ice. don’t be afraid! 9

sbx strawberry mijito
strawberry infused puerto rican rum, muddled mint and lime, soda 8

coconut lime rickey
barbancourt, coconut cream, citrus juice 8

mango lime rickey
barbancourt, mango, coconut cream, citrus juice 8

the brazilian
novo fogo cachaça, muddled lime and sugar,
served chilled and up 8

pina colada
silver rum, pineapple juice, citrus juices and coconut cream 8

white light/white heat
novo fogo cachaça, coconut cream, muddled thai chili, citrus juices. served up 8

soft spot
mt. gay eclipse, grapefruit juice, citrus juice and
a dash of orange bitters 8

coffee grog
151, frangelico, coconut cream, don’s mix and hot caffe vita coffee 9

strawberry infused puerto rican rum, lychee, grapefuit juice served on the rocks 9

jungle bird
gosling’s dark rum, campari, citrus and pineapple juices, served with crushed ice 9

light and dark rums, galliano, passionfruit. citrus and pineapple juice, bitters
– batten down the hatches 12