:: featured cocktails

kuroneko mt. gay extra old dark rum, averna, aztec chocoloate bitters 12

saigon cowboy thai chili infused jim beam honey bourbon, pineapple, splash of pomegranate 8


:: starters

albacore sashimi* yuzu kosho aioli, blueberries, red jalapeños, lime 13

thai cucumber salad asian pear, crispy pork jowl, dried squid, tomato, peanuts 8

crispy brussels sprouts* dashi broth, soft egg, togarashi, scallions 9

daily oysters* nuoc cham, cilantro 18

sbx chicken wings lime, fish sauce, sambal, cilantro 10

salt and pepper shrimp xo sauce, bonito flakes, oca greens 12

steamed clams kaffir lime, coconut milk, leeks, portuguese sausage 10


:: dim sum

vietnamese salad rolls smoked tofu, noodles, peppermint, lettuce 8

sweet potato spring rolls lettuce, wood ear mushrooms, sweet chili vinegar 8

pork sarong kaffir, ginger, chinese noodles, tamarind 9

pan-fried potstickers cabbage, shiitake, brussels, lime soy 8

tapioca dumplings chicken, cilantro, fish sauce, peanuts 9

soft shell crab steam buns avocado, pickled onions, red jalapeños, cilantro 13

pupu platter ribs, tapioca dumplings, spring rolls, pork sarong, nigiri trio 24


:: sushi

nigiri* salmon, ahi, or hamachi 5

manzanita roll red crab, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo 9

red lantern roll* spicy tuna, avocado, togarashi, spicy mayo 9

sbx sake roll* salmon, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, teriyaki 11

furikake roll* salmon, albacore, avocado, shiso, tobiko mayo 11

spider roll soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, kaiware, teriyaki 13

hama-kani roll* hamachi, red crab, avocado, tobiko, kewpie mayo 12


:: entrees

rice noodle curry japanese yams, brussels sprouts, peppers, puffed tapioca 18 add tofu 20

three cup chicken smoked chanterelles, blueberries, cauliflower pureé 23

adobo pork shank heirloom tomatoes, brussels sprouts, preserved plums, marigold flowers 24

javanese salmon* spiced sweet soy sauce, spinach, fried leeks, lime 25

korean baby back ribs peanuts, cilantro, cucumber salad 24

hanger steak* corn pudding, saké lees, miso, red jalapeños, cilantro 25


:: sides

edamame 2

jasmine rice 2

cucumber salad 2

brussels sprouts – dashi 3

organic white miso soup – shiitake 3

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