Dinner Menu

:: featured sake

genbei ‘demon’s mask’ junmai 16% abv-  mildly dry, clean profile   11

akishika “bambi cup” junmai 15% abv – bright and zesty with collectible glass   12

:: starters

       peanut noodle salad  cold somen noodle, snow peas, red peppers, peanut dressing  9  gf/vg/v

age dashi tofu  bonito flakes, potato starch, tsuyu broth  9  vg

crispy brussels sprouts*   sweet dashi broth, poached egg, togarashi, scallions   9  gf/vg

papaya salad  green papaya, pineapple, cherry tomato, fried baby shrimp, peanut  12  gf

mixed seaweed salad  applewood smoked dulce, wakame, daikon, soy wasabi dressing  14 vg

crispy chicken karaage   shoyu marinated chicken thigh, lemon, shishito kewpie  11

oxtail chow fun
   garlic chili paste, scallions, xo sauce, fried garlic   14

:: dim sum

char siu steamed bao   pork, chili paste, house bao bun   5ea

salad rolls
   lettuce, carrot, avocado, thai basil, mung noodle, peanut sauce   7 v/vg/gf

chicken potstickers  tofu, scallion, carrot, ponzu sauce   9

sweet potato spring rolls  miatake mushrooms, cabbage, spinach, yams, onion   9 v/vg

pork sarong   crispy chinese noodle, garlic, cilantro, soy tamarind sauce   9 

tapioca dumplings   chicken, cilantro, fish sauce, peanuts   9  gf

porkbelly shumai  shrimp, xo sauce, bean paste   11

soft shell crab steam buns   avocado, pickled onion, jalapeno, spicy aioli, cilantro   13

oxtail steam buns   black soy, star anise, garlic sauteed gai lan, sambal   15

pupu platter  korean ribs, spring rolls, shumai, tapioca dumplings, pork sarong   24

:: sushi & raw

vegetable roll   avocado, kaiware, cucumber, sesame seeds  8  gf/vg/v

red lantern roll   ahi, avocado, togarashi, spicy mayo  11  gf

spider roll   deep fried soft shell crab, avocado, cucumber, kaiware, teriyaki  13  gf

crawfish roll  avocado, cucumber, furikake, gochujang aioli  13  gf

spicy roll   salmon, jalapeno, avocado, cucumber, sweet chili  13  gf

dungeness crab roll   hamachi, orange zest, shiso  16  gf

hamachi carpaccio  ponzu, pickled sea bean, preserved wasabi, micro shiso  16

ahi poke salad   sesame seed, summer greens, avocado, seaweed, chili oil, taro  16  gf

:: entrees

thai red curry   purple and green thai eggplant, snow peas, thai basil   16   vg

add tofu:: 3    add chicken:: 4

javanese salmon*   spiced sweet soy sauce, spinach, fried leeks, lime   24   gf w/o sauce

green tea smoked duck*   maitakes, carrot, edamame   26 gf

korean pork ribs   jasmine rice, cucumber salad, peanuts, scallions   24 gf

koji marinated wagyu steak   yunnan potatoes, chow soy, crab gochujang bearnaise   30

::Chef’s 4-course family style tasting menu   an offering of multiple menu options chosen

           by our chefs, to be shared family style by the entire table!   50per person – sake pairing 18

:: sides

jasmine rice   2

preserved wasabi root   2

cucumber salad   2

napa cabbage kimchi   2

organic white miso soup – enoki mushrooms  3

*consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness